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Marc Frederic's Book Review of

WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE... Where Dreams Come True: Learning Guide for Students, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents & Caregivers

It's true! It's True that dreams come true! And I, with the assistance of a marvelous guide, Linda Lee Ratto, have just shared the experience by reading her book of almost the same title! Where Dreams Come True is not simply a story that, at times, brings a lump to one's throat or a tear to the eye. It is also a most pleasant inundation of the senses. The aromas, tastes, sounds and touches in addition to the sights are at the same time enchanting and realistic. The book is not only a good read about growth within a loving family, but also an experience that allows you to truly appreciate what some folks call the simple things. In fact, it might be said that it teaches one how to live more fully. This is accomplished by Linda's taking your hand and mind for a stroll through Life with a family that will live on in your heart. It will undoubtedly affect your attitude and relationship with others. A wonderful book for all ages.  ~ Marc Frederic ~ June 19, 2011

Marc's OnLine Review

Linda's Book Review for Marc's children's book TIMBO'S TALE


A Gem of a Story, writes Patricia Merker                                                                                                                                                                  

Review for the book: Where Dreams Come True                                                       

Thank you, Linda Ratto, for bringing young Sara into our lives and reminding us that what we have 

right here, right now, is a gift, and that which we can dream, we can achieve! 

This is a book that should be read by every man, woman and child, with or without disabilities, for more reasons than I can list here. I was profoundly touched by your ability to share the Amish lifestyle and the reverence they had for life, each other, and God - but it was a bigger God; one that is not bound by the confines of any particular religion, but rather, a God that encompasses all, that is the Spark that lives in each of us. Thank you Linda for your gift of story, love and light. (Linda's children's book, reading level: 8-12 years + featured elementary/basic German !)

On-line Book review by Patricia Merker 
Author of The Grand Master/Little Master Series published by Pick-A-Woo Woo



Where Dreams Come True, December 16, 2004

A Kid's Book Review
(Paperback , reading level: 8-12 years)                   

I think that the book Where Dreams Come True is an awsome book! It is sometimes sad, sometimes happy but always interesting! I enjoyed reading it and hope other people will to.

     My favorite character in the story is, of course, Sarah. She and her friends were always fun to read about! My favorite part was when she finished her project. I think everyone who reads this will also enjoy it because it encourages people to try to do something that they have dreamed about doing. (Get the parent guide, too -- it's FUN!)