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BIO/Career Summary click here for an easily printable Linda Lee Ratto, EdM BIO
Press Release...                 February 2006  

Long time Atlanta leader and author Linda Lee Ratto, Ed.M. just completed her tenth book.  When she’s not writing, Mrs. Ratto speaks at booksignings, ambassadorial gatherings, and education conferences on a host of issues from balanced and healthy corporate team building to living well through trauma, disease or disability to starting schools and advocating children’s rights across the globe.  Mrs. Ratto, who holds a Masters in Education, has been a school principal, CEO, non-profit developer, publisher and has served on numerous non-profit Boards of Directors.  Mrs. Ratto has a “real talk,” practical application style of leadership, which encompass concrete, self-awareness life-skills she has implemented both in her professional and personal life.  She just celebrated five years of work on Neale Donald Walsch’s HeartLight Education programs, having opened private schools in America and South Africa. 

In March, Mrs. Ratto will travel for the second of three teaching tours to theRepublic of Azerbaijan, a post-soviet country and Russian neighbor.  One of her young people’s books, WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE- the story of how to bring dreams into reality - was translated and approved as required reading by Azerbaijan’s Minister of Education.  In addition, WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE and the companion DREAMSTeacher-Parent guidebook (with over 150,000 copies sold to date), is the primary promotional material for Azerbaijan’s “Integrating Children with Disabilities into School and Society” countrywide public school program.  Mrs. Ratto will teach teams including the Ministry of Education and numerous schools, appear on several television programs, and speak throughout the Republic of Azerbaijan to parents on how best to be advocates for their children.

            Mrs. Ratto leads by coaching families and school, medical and business leadership teams on how to live and work in health, harmony, and wellness and via her numerous books and seminars.  For information on her books, pen pal program with an International School in Azerbaijan (English speaking) and other non-profit work, upcoming public appearances, or to reserve her for a leadership-building event  

FYI: Mrs. Linda Ratto has lived in Atlanta CountyGeorgia, for sixteen years with her husband of thirty years, David and they have three adult children: Courtney is a Georgia Institute of Technology graduate, Eric is a University of Georgia alumni and Ryan is graduating from Georgia Tech in May. 

For Young People: Mrs. Ratto relishes her children’s workshops, which focus on reading her books and doing activities such as showing children how to make their own dreams come true. Coca-Cola/Azerbaijan is sponsoring her Azerbaijani education tour in March.  If you wish to donate a class-set of 30 copies of WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE to an Azeri school through Mrs. Ratto, please contact her directly.  (One class set costs $100 and would touch countless families in the third world country of Azerbaijan.)

For Adults:  Mrs. Ratto consults, organizes, directs, keynotes, and co-trains with business professionals (accredited CEU, SDU and CME courses and symposia) on how to develop highly successful wellness teams with staff, employee families and clients.  For over two decades, she has worked with medical and healing teams in such respected institutions as NYU, Northwestern University Medical School, UCLA-Shriners, University of Munster, Germany, Emory University Rehab Center, Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital/Atlanta, Syracuse University, and Georgia State University, to name just a few.
Linda Lee Ratto, B.S., M.S.Ed., Ed.M.
State University of New York (SUNY)

Life Objective
To be a wellness counsel to and with those living with learning, emotional, physical, and spiritual adversity.
Serves as:

* Parent-Partner *

* Patient-Partner *

* LifeCoach *

   *Professional Coach & Trainer*             

Telephone & Conference Call Meetings or Workshops 

Experiences and Job Titles Include:

Organizational Design & Management:
  • Principal
  • CEO
  • Publisher, Editor and Magazine Co-Creator
  • Private School Designer & Creator
  • Non-Profit Creator, Director & Board Member
Classroom Teacher:
  • PreK through 6
  • Grade 8 English/Literature/Reading
  • Great Books Gifted Educator
  • Guest Professor, accredited CEU, CME,etc.                  
Non-Profit Work:
  • Opened several 501C3s and other Foundations including: Education Organizations & Schools
  • Peer & Family Visitation-Certification Program Developer, Director

HeartLight Education, 501C3 Education Foundation 

- Co-Founder & Board Member

- Executive Committe &Operations Management

- Learning Communities: Site/School Development


Independent Consultant & Wellness Team Builder

- Develops Rehab & Wellness Teams with:   

Patients + Students + Parents + Caregivers +  Granparents + Medical Professionals + Teachers 

Author & Workshops

  • 10 Books
  • Writing Coach
  • Symposia Director
  • Custom Workshops & Playshops 
  • Speaking Engagements & Keynotes


Author & Educator with husband David (wed 30 yrs.)
Daughter Courtney, new husband Mike Wright, sons Eric & Ryan Ratto